Operating Schedule

Dates/Times/Frequencies/Modes I plan to try operating, also park I’m operating from for those who are into WWFF.


Thanks to everyone I have made contact with and to those that have tried. My time in VK0 has now come to an end and all my radio gear is packed away. In a few more days I fly back home. Hopefully I’ll continue to work people from there.

Best 73 Paul

24th October – QRT on 14.290MHz SSB. Will go QRT on 20m at 0740UTC.

Should be on 40m from 1000UTC, around 7.175MHz

23rd October – Going qrt for a few hours, conditions are terrible at the moment.I should be on from 0100UTC on 14.245MHz SSB +/- qrm, I may also go on 40m after 0900UTC. THIS WEEKEND MAY BE MY LAST OPERATIONS FROM VK0

9th October – 14.245 SSB – QRT NOW

4th September – Aiming for 0200UTC 14.245MHz SSB +/- if wind has died down

Taking a break. Be back on air at 0600UTC

3rd September – No planned operations due to forecast of high winds

22nd August – UPDATE – No operations, 60kt winds due to hit in the morning

21st August – 0100UTC 14.245MHz +/- SSB. Only have the 20m dipole now. Might get a newer antenna up soon to cover other bands UPDATE – I have been on air already but it is freezing in the shack. I’ve gone back inside and will return to the shack around 0300UTC when the heater may have had a chance to warm it from the 2 degrees celcius it is now

15th August – 14.245MHz SSB +/- will stay on until around 0800UTC

NEW FAN DIPOLE IS UP Covers 40m,30m,20m,17m

3rd & 4th July – No operations planned for this weekend. Yet another blizzard is heading our way and my antenna is still a pile of broken wires. Hopefully I will get the time to repair it and be back online next weekend.

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