Who am I?

My name is Paul and I have always had an interest in Radio and Electronics. I started off with a Midland 40CH AM CB when I was about 12 years old. I wanted to get my amateur licence back then however I couldn’t get the morse code down.

After my last trip to Antarctica I decided to have another go. It turns out you don’t need to know morse anymore so in about July 2018 I got my foundation licence. I was fairly active on the radio back home especially experimenting with antennas. I do a lot of S.O.T.A(summits on the air) where you take your radio gear to the top of a mountain and make contacts with whoever you can.

I aimed to do my standard about 6 months later but due to the debacle of the changeover in amateur exams between the WIA and AMC that blew right out. I finally got my standard in August 2020. I almost didn’t bother with the standard as I only needed my 10W for SOTA but I wanted access to the 20m(14MHz) band and although I had been studying for the advanced call I decided to just have a go at standard to get 20m.

Just before I came down to Antarctica for this trip I figured I’d have a go at the advanced exam. I passed it early Feburary 2021 about 2 days before heading down.

Now I am operating from Casey Station and learning as much as I can, I’m even trying morse code.

Hope to work you on the airwaves sometime.

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