Youtube appearance

I have been interviewed by Hayden VK7HH. Worth having a look if it interests you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ax4XKkMSJY

Welcome to the home of VK2PAD/VK0PD

Hi, thanks for visiting my little site.

I have put this online so people can hopefully learn something from my successes and mistakes.

I am currently operating my HF radio from Casey Station Antarctica with the callsign of VK0PD. Being a rare dx entity I usually get chased by many operators for a contact.

I will be listing sked times and suggested frequencies as I go so hopefully you too can make a contact with Antarctica.



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17 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Paul, looking forward to your activations in the future, Last time I had contact was at qrp ssb to Mirny station about 20 years ago – 73 Alex VK2ABE

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  2. Hopefully the beer is cold there in the shack! Haha 😄
    I will look for you on 20 & 40 meters SSB. Hopefully between 14.225MHz and 14.350MHz or 7.175MHz and 7.300MHz

    Warmest Regards for a Cool Operator! 👍
    73 Paul.

    Greg KT4RAM

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  3. Hi Paul,
    Heard you on 7175 (0948UTC 24/4/21) tonight in VK5, but was unable to contact you.
    Very high QRM/N here, you were 3/3 on a 40M dipole
    Will listen out another time.
    All the best,
    Michael VK5HMB

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    1. G’Day Kurt, currently I have only just started to learn CW. Hopefully in a couple of months I will be able to do a bit and then I’ll see how I go from there.


  4. Hi Paul ,
    Today we have made the contact with you on (VK0PD) 14.160 usb ,my antenne 4el.Optibeam was to direction Long Path to you , I turn the antenna around and heard you coming in with around RST 5/3 ,but easy to understand ,the problem was only some qrm from russian stations that were also on the same frequency, but am very happy with the good contact ,and hope to hear from you soon, 73’s Ben PD2BA The Netherlands (maybe also possible for Qsl via Bureau from VK0PD)

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      1. Hi Paul.
        On 20m it is between 14.225 – 14.350 on 40m 7.175 – 7.300 on 17m 18.110 – 18.168
        Hope all is well with you. Thanks and 73


  5. Thanks for the contact in the Oceania DX Contest, it is appreciated that you put up with the contestors when doing DX. When you have time, could you put your CQ & ITU zones on your QRZ page, and if you have an IOTA also. I like to have it correctly recorded in my log.


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